Assisted Living

What is assisted living?

There are many different names given to assisted living. A quick google search may return multiple results:

  • convalescent home.

  • rest home.

  • retirement facility.

  • retirement home

The mission of assisted living is to give older adults the ability to live independently in a setting that feels like home. Some facilities have upwards of hundreds of rooms. Bella Vita Assisted Living in Phoenix and Scottsdale takes an emerging and popular approach of converting a residential home to accommodate the unique needs of someone aging in home. This means wider hallways, bathrooms equipped with handlebars, wheelchair accessibility, call buttons, remotes, and phones with large buttons and home-prepared meals. It is becoming more popular for people who wished to live at home, but it's just not realistic or safe. They can move into assisted living homes in their neighborhood or their family members live in. Often, they will do activities they have for decades. The activities can range from swimming, gardening to cooking or yoga.

A crucial part of determining if an assisted living home is right for you or your loved one is an initial assessment administered by a nurse. This assessment is done to ensure the correct level of care is provided.

Activities of Daily Living

Eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, medication reminders, and mobility (walking). A person will typically begin to consider assisted living for their loved one because they cannot successfully or routinely keep up with the activities of daily living, and it can be detrimental to a good quality of life.

State Regulations

Assisted living home are regulated in the United States, and the protocols and procedure requirements vary by state.

There are many factors to consider when moving a loved one into an assisted living home. The residential assisted living home offers a true home-feel with the benefits of socialization and care from a licensed nurse and caregivers at Bella Vita Assisted living in Arizona.

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